1310/1490/1550 WDM

1310/1490/1550 WDM devices based on thin-film filter technology are design to address the specific requirements of the FTTP market. Strong coating and passive device packaging capabilities feature these Wads with excellent optical performance, good reliability and ultra-compact size. There are two standard types (General Type, Broadband Type) to meet different customers’ demands. And any othercustomized design is also available upon requests.

Performance and Specifications:

Parameter Unit value
Min Max
Operating Wavelength 1310 Band nm 1260 1360
1490 Band nm 1480 1500
1550 Band nm 1550 1560
Insertion Loss 1→2(Reflect) dB 0.4
1→3(Pass) dB 0.6
Isolation 1→2(Refect) dB 15
1→3(Pass) dB 30
PDL dB 0.1
Return Loss dB 50
Directivity dB 50
Operating Temperature 0~70
Storage Temperature -40~85
Size mm Φ5.5*35
Maximum Power Handling mw 300


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