All Dielectric Self-supporting Aerial Cable ADSS


Application: Aerial

In ADSS cable, single-mode/multimode fibres are positioned in the loose tubes, which are made of high modulus plastic materials, while the loose tubes strand together around non-metallic central strength member(FRP) into a compact and circular cable core. The loose tubes are filled with filling compound, while water-blocking materials are distributed into interstices of the cable core. The PE inner sheath is extruded over the cable core with aramid yarns outside. Then, the cable is completed with a PE/AT outer sheath.

The actual status of overhead power lines is taken into full consideration when ADSS cable is being designed. For overhead power lines under 110kV, PE outer sheath is applied. For power lines equal to or over 110kV, AT outer sheath is applied. The careful design of aramid yarn quantity and stranding process can satisfy the demand on various spans.


1. Easy installation
2. Excellent corrosion resistance, due to AT sheath
3. Light weight and small diameter
4. Large span with the largest span of over 1000m
5. Accurate excess fibre length and stranding pitch to guarantee the good tensile and temperature performance
6. The life expectancy is over 25 years


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