Michelle’s Story: I am Michelle from US, I worked for a telecom company,where I fall in love with the man in the first sight and whom became now my husband. God, his eye was simply so fascinating more than the most precious diamond in world. Without any hesitation, I determined to be a housewife and give up the high salary for him. When our child went school, my life became boring,it depressed me to live in such a breathless life till one day, I scanned casually online and found a job hunting news. I became the USA sales agent for Intoptec.My main work is to open USA market.For all things familiar and the many relationships in telecom field,it’s not diffcult for me to work.I can get a steady payment in my leisure time to visit my customer and build the good relationship between customer and my company.I was re-energy again since I got this job.Thanks Lord!

Jan’s Story: I am Jan from German. I worked for a optic telecom company nearly 20 years. I was full energy to squeeze Metro to work every day since graduated. While back home heavily and tiredly till whole city fall in silence. Fatigue gradually consumed my enthusiasm on work, Busy life occupied my precious time on my family and friends. I am too bored going to company with suffocation feelings. I felt needle on my chair which made me not cozy. I knew that I was in a bad state, but I could not control myself at all. Just when I was hesitated to resign, my good friend Leon showed me a job offer which indicated INTOPTEC was looking for business representatives to develop the optical communications market all over the world. There was no fixed working time from 9am to 5pm and no fixed office place. As long as you could find customers, you could get a nice salary! I saw this job offer and knew that was the job I wanted.

William’s Story: I am William from Kenya.  I was studying in China for four years. I didn’t know what job I am going to work near my graduation. Till one day, I attended the recruitment in my school and got to know Intoptec was hunting employees. I was attracted immediately when I saw the news. The company was hunting for sales representative globally,I attended the recruitment and got the offer after many times selection. I was trained professionally in factory about 1 month before formally working. After training, I was more confidence on my choice, it was right choice that telecommunication was sun-rising industry and growing soundly. INTOPTEC has the most advanced production equipment and assembly line. I think it surely brought me good rewards.
Things goes as expected, I bought a house in Nairobi in a short 2 years time which I was admired by people around. Although I made effort, if not given chance by INTOPTEC,I would not became now what I am. I believe the truth: Choose weights more than efforts!


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