MTP/MPO Fiber Optic Adapters

MTP/MPO fiber optic adapters use a different alignment mechanism to the traditional ceramic ferrule adapters. MTP/MPO adapters offer a secure connection to hold the connectors in place, and enable quick and easy connections of single-mode and multi-mode fibers.

Precision alignment pins improve insertion loss performance
Fanouts to simplex fiber connectors require no splicing resulting in cost reduction
MTP cable assemblies provide a transition from the board to the backplane
Used in Single-mode or multi-mode applications
Color coded housings ensure single-mode and multi-mode assemblies are easily distinguished
Push-pull mating of MTP for quick connections
Dust caps for protection against dusts and contamination
Variety of MTP adapters facilitate multiple mounting options for flexible board and panel layout
Cable to cable fiber optic connection
Cable to equipment fiber optic connection
Free-hanging or panel-mount design
RoHS Compliant

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