SC-SC Fiber Optic Adapters

The SC adapters are the most used item for modern day optical fiber systems. With the audible click locking mechanism and pull proof design the SC adapters provides a secure interconnection. We supplies SC fiber optic adapters which can be used to mate two connectors together, usually mounted in a patch panel or distribution box.

Used to mate two connectors together.
Usually mounted in a distribution panel or wall box.
Split zirconia (ceramic) ferrule is adopted.
Push-and-pull structure, convenient for operation;
High precision of mechanical dimensions
Good compatibility
Low insertion loss ≤ 0.2dB ; High return loss≥ 45dB (PC), ≥ 60dB (APC)
High reliability and stability
Fiber optic adapter APC,UPC, PC optional
simplex / duplex ; multi-mode / single-mode optional
Available with single-fiber & multi-fiber patch cords and pigtails.
Operating temperature.: -40°C~+80°C
Color coded allowing easy identification of the adapter type.
Color: Blue (PC/SM), Green (APC), Beige (PC/MM)

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